Bespoke Languages Trips For Your School

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We can provide as much guidance as you require during a consultation, building your school’s perfect trip based on your specific set of requirements. 

Step 1: Choose Your Location
Languages and the culture that supports them can be different across each region of every country! This means the first step to planning any trip is finding the perfect location to give your students the best experience.
Step 2: Choose Your Transport Method
Every trip has its own requirements when it comes to transport. We can put together any combination of options to ensure you have the travel that's right for your school.
Step 3: Choose Your Educational Activities
There are so many different ways for students to build their knowledge and understanding of a language when abroad. Build a bespoke itinerary made up of exciting activities such as visits to bakeries, local markets and much more!
Step 4: Choose Your Accommodation, Food and recreation
We have created a simple and easy process, for you to select each aspect of your trip from a handpicked collection of the options best suited to your school.
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Creating Your School's Perfect Trip

Our experts are on hand to make sure it’s never been so simple to create the perfect itinerary for your school. 

Why You Should travel with EiL?

We pride ourselves on offering a service that provides amazing trips, with a greatly reduced burden for teachers!

Pre-packaged Languages Trips
Our pre-packaged trips will deliver a wonderful experience in your chosen subject with our tried and tested formula!
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How We Save You Time By Reducing Admin...

Takes care of everything you need to run your trip – covering all payment and information collection.

Underpins every EiL trip, meaning our experts are on hand to answer any and every question.

Means that every trip we run is bespoke to the needs of your school and students.


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