Travel and Transport

We offer a range of different travel solutions to give each trip a perfectly tailored approach!

Bus Travel VS Air Travel

While everyone will have their preference, all trips require their own bespoke solution when it comes to traveling. That’s why we’ve broken down the key points for each, to help you understand which option might be best for your school!

Bus Travel Is Best When...

  • Groups have over 25 travellers, because this is often more economical and logistically easier. 
  • Trips to Europe by coach are easier than you might think; with driver rotation and clever timing you’ll be there before you know it!
  • Your destination is not near an airport; you may be surprised at just how comparable the timing is with air travel in these cases.
  • When your trip requires a lot of moving around to see different locations.

Air Travel Is Best When...

  • Groups have under 25 travellers, because journey times will be reduced and the economics aren’t drastically different to a coach at this level. 
  • Your trip is outside of Europe. You can also combine air with bus travel to reach locations off the beaten path
  • Your destination is near an airport, thus you can spend less time travelling and more time enjoying your trip.
  • When you’re travelling to one specific location and not moving around too much.  

The Coach Journey

With clever planning, it’s possible to minimise the impact of coach journeys. That’s where we come in, planning everything down to the second to get you to your destination with ease. 

Air Travel

Air Travel With EiL

  • We pre-prepare everything for you (regardless of if you’re on a rep-led trip or teacher-led trip) to help you overcome every obstacle as fast as possible. 
  • Be it seat bookings, passport control or airport security, EiL has got you covered. 

Airport Transfers

  • We will also organise your airport transfers, which can often be difficult especially when landing in a foreign country. 
  • We make sure you get to the airport in plenty of time for a smooth journey, and swiftly pick you up from the airport to take you on to your final destination. 

Exciting Stopovers

You may also want to break up your travels, either to improve your journey or to see some of the exciting sites on the way. Anything you request as part of this will be organised with the same professionalism, planning and stress relief you experience with all other parts of our service. 

How We Save You Time By Reducing Admin...

Takes care of everything you need to run your trip – covering all payment and information collection.

Underpins every EiL trip, meaning our experts are on hand to answer any and every question.

Means that every trip we run is bespoke to the needs of your school and students.


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