Hornchurch High School: Val Cenis 2025 Payment Page

You must have paid  off your full balance by the 14th December 2024 or your place will be treated as cancelled by you and our booking conditions will apply.

To make it easier to pay this balance by splitting the cost, we have created the below payment schedule. Please use the “pay next instalment” button to pay off each instalment of £150. You can use this same button to make every payment, but must enter your address each time due to fraud protection. You are welcome to make any payment early to clear your balance should you wish.

PaymentAmountPayment Deadline
First Payment£150 14th June 2024
Second Payment£15014th July 2024
Third Payment£15014th August 2024
Fourth Payment£15014th September 2024
Fifth Payment£15014th October 2024
Sixth Payment£15014th November 2024 
 Final Payment £185 14th December 2024
Damage Deposit (returned 14 days after travel)£100

31st January 2025

If you wish to pay an amount in an instalment not listed here, please email info@eiltravel.co.uk and we can arrange a payment amount to suit you.