Extremely important, please read!

Please use this page to give all essential information about the child that will be traveling. It is very important to ensure this is all correct and matches the passport and documents they will be using to travel. Incorrect traveller information can result in admin fees from airlines and suppliers, or even ineligibility for travel. 

Passports must have at least 3 months remaining before expiry at the time of travel. If your child does not have an GHIC Card, please leave this section blank and apply for one on the NHS Website, updating this information once the card arrives. 

No Traveller Information!!

Please check all information you have given. Correcting information at a later date can result in admin fees from our suppliers and any uncorrected information could result in border control refusing travel.

By making this booking, you are agreeing to adhere to our booking conditions. Should you have any questions regarding the terms of your booking, please contact us on info@eiltravel.co.uk