Rep-Led trips VS Teacher-Led Trips

Which type of trip is right for your school?

We know that no two schools (or even two teachers) are the same. Which is why we have created fully flexible levels of rep support to cater to every school’s individual needs. 

Teacher-led Trips are right for my school if...

  • Your want everything taken care of pre-departure, with teachers leading from that point onwards. 
  • You want to combine your school’s internal expertise with our game-changing trip packs, preparation and 24 hour support. 
  • Teachers have experience running trips in the past.
  • Teachers running the trip have a strong knowledge of the subject in question.

Rep-led Trips are right for my school if...

  • You want teachers to focus on the students and factors such as behaviour, with a rep on hand to handle organisation.
  • The teachers that would be operating the trip do not have prior experience running trips.
  • You want one of our experts on the ground with you, to assist with the constantly changing circumstances.
  • The teachers travelling are not subject experts. 

What are the main differences?

Whichever trip type your school opts for, we still significantly lighten the load that teachers have to bear in order to run a trip. 

Teacher-Led Trips

Rep-Led Trips

Teacher-Led Trips

Rep-Led Trips

How We Save You Time By Reducing Admin...

Takes care of everything you need to run your trip – covering all payment and information collection.

Underpins every EiL trip, meaning our experts are on hand to answer any and every question.

Means that every trip we run is bespoke to the needs of your school and students.


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